Monday, August 06, 2007

Recent Meals

Instead of individually reviewing each meal ill do a quick run down as the restaurants have been reviewed plenty of times before.

Indigo Deli
Sunny side Eggs, Fondue and Coffee. the place seems to have cooled down a little bit for me, simply coz i went there so often for so long. Overall the food was not too bad. The fondue is def not better than the one at Moshe, so thats one thing cleared up for me. The mushrooms on the side were fantastic and it was nice to know that Indigo dont do baked beans out of a can. Overall the meal was good (Damage 1000, Food 8/10, Service 8/10)

Dinner at Corleone consisted of Stuffed Mushrooms which were good but tasted different. Even the tomato salsa tasted different and not as good. The Lemon Nere is a must have drink here. The Lasagna was not good and its a stupid idea to use peas in it. completely destroys the taste. The Siciliana pizza is a must have.
Overall the meal was decent but not worth the money, def a fall from grace. the service was outstanding (Damage 1900, Food 6/10, Service 9/10)

Were there hanging out with friends for a couple of hours. However the F&B experience was not good. The Sula Shiraz tasted terrible and completely different. Dont know why. The paneer shashlik was tasteless and the cheese corn balls were also pretty weak on taste.
Overall not impressed with the food before, and it does not change now.
Damage (400 pp, Food 5/10, Service 7/10)

Shiv Sagar
Popped in here on my way back from Crosswords for a plain Dosa which was just fabulously well done. Best i have had in some time. Although not as crisp as i like, it still was not too bad. The Masala Pav was pretty good too, not as good as Santosh Sagar but still not bad.
Damage (130) Food 8/10 Service 9/10

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