Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Sun

The Sun is a small restaurant in South Bombay, specifically at Napean Sea Road. I have been eating there for the best part of 15 years and the food has not changed in all this time.

Its mostly North Indian/Punjabi fare and they serve no alcohol. However the Sun is easily the best Punjabi food in the city. The people who come here are mostly people who live around in the neighborhood. There is another outlet at Breach Candy but i have never eaten there personally.

They serve a Malai Kofta which is unlike anything you have ever tasted. The taste is so good and so amazing it will just make you stop and savor it. The Veg. Makhanwala is another dish with a very unique and amazing taste. They have a few other dishes which are very good as well the Navratan Korma, Kaju Mutter etc are all worth a try. They also make an amazing rice dish, the Kashmiri pulao served with pineapples and a cherry. An amazing contrast of spice and sweet.

The service is quite basic but pretty quick.

A meal for two would cost you around 650.

A 9.0 on all accounts.


Lulu said...

wow, am really loving your blog. got to keep coming back for restaurant ideas. h and i alwasy default to the same old places. sun sounds great for punjabi food. perhaps will take my dad as he likes punjabi veg khaana.

Gaurav said...

your dad will love it. guaranteed.

Anonymous said...

Been away from the motherland for a damn long while but I seem to remember a Sun restaurant at Warden Road (right next to the Cold & Sweet Paan guy. Are you referring to the same or is there another branch at Napean Sea Road?

Gaurav said...

it does seem like you have been away. wouldnt hurt to take a trip back :)

i am referring to the sister restaurant at Napean Sea Road, right next to Urvashi.

The one at Warden Road is the most visible and better known but the food is better at Napean Sea Road!

Anonymous said...

Read yr post again and see that there is indeed a Sun at Napean Sea Road...where exactly is it located?

Anonymous said...


Ive turned vegetarian in my stay away so will be planning an all out assault when I return for a couple of weeks soon.

I just hope all my favourite places are still there:

Chung Fa at the bottom of Gamadia Road. Shobha, at Mahalaxmi, Baghdadi (useless to me now), Apurva, Mahesh Lunch Home, Samovar, Kailash Parbat, Britannia Cafe etc etc.

Gaurav said...

Hiya mate,

when was the last time you were here? early 90's?

Chunga Fa shut down ages ago... when i was a kid, i dont even remember Shobha at Mahalaxmi. Samovar shut down very recently after their lease was up or something
The rest are still around...and there are some newer options

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