Thursday, September 21, 2006

Lings Pavilion

Rest : Lings Pavilion
Meal : Lunch
Date : 19/9/2006
Location : Near Regal, Colaba
Company : Pie

Experience - Pangs of hunger, a movie showing, decision between China Garden, Royal China and Lings. We chose Lings coz i hadnt been there in YEARs and since it was a quick meal i decided not to go to China Garden which isnt a rush rush place nor Royal China which i wanted to try out and came highly recommended. The service at the restaurant was terrible at best.

Drink : Fresh Lime Soda, Pepsi

Food : We ordered the Veg Noodle Soup (very average) sweet corn soup. Both soups were pretty pedestrian. The starter was a steamed wanton, which was ok, not too bad but nothing to write home about. Main course was mushrooms, in a black sauce which was not too bad, with terrible pan fried noodles. Pie had the potato thing, which was i think a schezuan potato, not too bad. i think rice would have been a better choice, but overall the meal wouldnt have been tht much better.

Rating : Food 6/10, Service 4/10

Damage : 900($20 )


Anonymous said...

Hey..ur blog is awesome..i thought i was a complete foodie but uve taken it one step ahead..! I want u to go to China Garden..and review it for me~ hehe..nahh kiddin.. but u plannin to go there sometime? and hows China Gate?

Gaurav said...

China Garden is on the cards, sometime in the next few weeks. Its a part of my growing up in Bombay and its been pretty good but i havent been since the old one shut.

China Gate i havent been to.

the best Chinese meal at present is for me China White in Bandra.

Anonymous said...

Vegetarians are not entitled to speak, let alone blog.

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