Saturday, September 16, 2006

Henry Tham

Rest : Henry Tham
Meal : Lunch
Date : 16/9/2006
Location :Colaba, next to Tommy Hilfiger
Company : Pie

Experience - nteresting decor, its very non- Chinesish in its look. Modern, Sushi barish. The ground floor has a few tables, a lounging area and a long bar. The upper floor has a few tables. HUGE red chairs. Not the most ergonomically efficient design. but what it leaves you with is an unsually largish, open space to dine in. You do have to sacrifice intimate corners for tht. It seems def form and style over everything else. Not a good idea for a restaurant.

Drink : Aqua

Food : I opted for the set lunch which comes with a soup (hot and sour, very good) appetizer (grilled tofu, suspiciously Hakka style, very weak) main course of Hakka noodles (allright) with veggies in garlic sauce (nice, very nice but weak veggie choice) boiled veggies (excellent, top notch) and green beans in some crap (avg) The dessert was choc mousse, something white in a big thing of ice and fruits (avg again) Overall it was a promising meal, i think dinner would be more of an experience then lunch. They do serve these peanuts which are boiled and marinated in something (EXCELLENT!!!)

Rating : Food 7.0/10, Service 4.5/10

Damage : 800($15 )

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