Monday, March 13, 2006

Not Just Jazz by the Bay

Rest :Not Just Jazz By the Bay
Meal : Lunch
Date : 13/3/2006
Location :Marine Drive
Company : Gautam

Experience -Well its the first time i have left the office for lunch in a long LONG time. Being in the area for related work we were thinking of where to eat. Indian Summer would have been a good choice but the point was to go light. So Jazz it was, the place was ok about 12 people or so there. Although once we sat down another 15-20 did walk in.

Order - A buffet - A light veggie soup, pilaf potato and okra, macaroni salad, cole slaw,paneer and pineapple salad, salad beans, hummus n pita,pasta salad, corn salad, noodle salad, chick pea salad, mushroom salad, they had 1000 Island, Ranch, Blue Cheese, Italian dressing as well. They also do sandwiches and i got the mediterranean which was tomato, hummus, peppers, onions, mayonnaise (eww)

Drinks - Diet Coke, Fresh lime soda

Food : The soup was middling, not bad but nothing to write home about. The salads, were the same as the Sund buffet with some varations. Almost all of them were really high on taste except for the pasta salad which reeked of mayoniase (a crime against humanity, people i implore you lets get rid of these disgusting condiments Mustard the other one) Anyone looking for a good meal with plenty of options and some interesting tastes this is the place to go. surely. The desserts are their weakest point, i didnt even try them but they had some choc cake and strawberry mousse.

Rating : Food 8.8/10, Service 9/10

Damage : 600 ($14)

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