Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Thai Pavilion

Rest : Thai Pavilion
Time : Dinner
Date : 11th Nov 2005
Location : Taj President.
Company : Gautam, Vishal

Experience : We had a table for 9.30 and got there on time, were seated immediately and plied with the menu. No wait and the staff was relatively friendly though they did dissappear for bouts of time.

Order : Som Tam (Papaya Salad) Tom Yam Soup (Hot & Sour) Satay of Paneer and vegetables, Phad Phak (vegetables stir fried in Soya Sauce), Pad Thai noodles, Green Curry with White rice.

Drinks : Aquafina, Kingfisher

Food: The papaya salad didnt come with a sprinkling of peanuts which was dissapointing. The soup was interesting in a good way. Unlike how i have had it before but it was def a good choice. The satay oh paneer, veggies and mushrooms was a generic one. Tasted similar to satays i have had in smaller restaurants which was dissapointing. The phad phak was horrible, the taste was way off and none of us liked it much. The Noodles were strictly ok, but the green curry and white rice was the only saving grace. The right amount of coconut and spice gave it a great smell and even better taste. Overall dissapointing because you would expect a lot more from a prestige restaurant in a Taj chain.

: I would give the food a 5.8/10 while the Service 7/10.

Damage : 2200 INR ($40)

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