Thursday, October 20, 2005

Noodle Bar

Rest : Noodle Bar
Time : Evening
Date : Oct 18th 2005
Location : Rampart Row, Kala Ghoda*
Company : Family friends (all Brits)

Experience: Noodle bar is an oriental cuisin place serving food from Thailand, Indonesia as well as Japan. It gets reasonably crowded but being a big restaurant seating is quick. Decor is modern and very up market but the benches are made to hurt your ass. Service is always quick and reasonably attentive.

Order :Panner Satay, Boiled Wantons, Schezuan Potato, thai green curry with white rice, soba noodles, in a spicy peanut sauce with garlic, mushrooms and chili flakes, a sizzling Japanese platter of noodles, rice, mushrooms, veggies in a teriaki sauce served on a skillet, sizzling hot. Brownie and vanilla ice-cream with boiling chocolate sauce for dessert.

: Diet Coke, Ice Tea (lemon, peach, strawberry)

Food: The food at Noodle bar is usually consistent as long as you dont get too adventurous. It is only mildly authentic and is adapted to the Indian palate which likes spicy stuff to a very high degree. The paneer satay was ok, not too bad, the wontons were aveage but when plied with soy and schezuan sauce they tasted quite good. Schezuan potato(if such a thing exists) was crap. The thai green curry was splendid, creamy and spicy better than what they served at the Thai pavilion. My one complaint is they add broccoli but i always forget to ask them not to and i hate it with a passion (vile reed as Wayne Knight's Newman on Seinfeld called it) but thats my mental problem and nothing to do with the restaurant. The sizzling platte was good, the teriyaki sauce goes well with the rice and mixed in with some noodles and veggies it makes a good meal in itself. There are some other options for platters as well, thai, ,malaysian and chinese, the sauce and veggies change according to taste. The bowl is always what i look forward to, its like a wok but you dont have to get up for it. They add a new sauce once in a while but usually its quite consistent and well made. The portions in general at the restaurant are quite big and filling. Though there was one instance where they added too much salt but that was a while ago.
The iced teas are fantastic. Each one, served in a huge tall glass , try atleast two. The dessert is about average, its a brownie with vanilla ice cream and then you pour hot choc sauce on it. Anyone who screws choc sauce and brownie with ice cream ought to be taken out and shot immediately. The one odd thing i always notice is that the appetizers at the restaurant serve nachos and garlic bread and three kinds of hummus and pita, quite odd for an Oriental restaurant. However Nachos (indian style) are a staple and the hummus and pita is grea too (i may or may not have ordered it :))

: I would give the food a 8/10 Service 8/10.

Damage : 3200 INR ($80)

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