Thursday, April 30, 2015

Cafe Lota

Rest : Cafe Lota
Loc :  India Habitat Centre 
Meal : Lunch

Cafe Lota, is what you would expect a Delhi eatery to be, quaint, artsy located in a handy craft centre, its a Delhi restaurant done right in more ways than one. A brilliant place to be when the temperature is right. 

Its got this lovely stone cut sign on the outside and a screen door lets you in to a large open space, casual dining at its best. packed on a weekday too. the menu is small plates and large plates but all the dishes are from different parts of the country. 

i ordered a masala chaas, which was excellent but the nimbu paani was totally bizarre. 

the mini rava idli molgapodi was excellent and it went so well with the chutney they served on the side. great idea to start a meal with like this. 

the chutney was served in this little home style jar, as one would expect.

The Kerala Vegetable Stew serve with Appam was excellent. The stew was almost Thai curry like which is not a complaint. I even improvised and had some with rice. 

this was a total experimental pick. The Bhatti Ki Churkani, Bhang Chutney, Kumaoni Raita served with rice and 

Raagi Roti. Overall, it was just too alien a taste for my buds, never had anything so sourish and vague. While i dont think it was bad, it was just too different. 

The Bappa Doi cheesecake was as good as it sounds. 

Overall, its a great place for a afternoon lunch  before the heat rises, its busy, so try and get there a little early. The concept of the dishes ranging from various parts of the country does make it more interesting than your generic cafes, where else will you get a Uttaranchal Dish rubbing shoulders with Idlis ? 

Food : 7/10
Servie : 8/10
Damage : 1200 for 2 without drinks 

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