Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rajdhani - THe Rajwar Food Festival

Rest : Rajdhani
Meal : Lunch
Loc : Phoenix Market City

I am a big fan of Thali's Gujarati or South Indian, i enjoy them immensely and quite fortunately for me i had one of each this past week.

Rajdhani is a name synonymous with Gujarati Thali's and they have been expanding rapidly over the last few years. I usually head to the one at Phoenix Mills when the fancy strikes. They were holding a bloggers meet at their Market City location. I had declined the invitation but it turned out that i was not required at work and i decided to crash the party anyway.

They were running a Rajasthani food festival and funnily enough its the second one i have been to this month, with the blogger gang.

We were welcomed with 2 great summer drinks, the rose flavored and the lemonade with a hint of ginger. Colder would have been much better but good nonetheless.

The Thali itself was massive, the food just kept coming, they were really killing with kindness, which i guess was in keeping with the royal kitchen theme of the festival. I am not going to do a total run down here but suffice to say the food was varied as well as good. The sweet dal, the dal batti, the paneer were all stellar.

The single thing that Rajdhani does that is absent just about everywhere is that they serve makkhan with the breads (churned butter) this simple thing elevates the entire experience to something totally else.

They were serving a load of desserts, i only had the Phirni which is like a kheer (traditional Indian rice pudding) but drier and with the sugar dialed down.

Signed off with a Paan Shot, which is basically like drinking a paan, very gimmicky but i like it.

Overall, the food was great, the service was good too. Rajasthani/Gujju cuisine is best experienced as a thali brought to the table (rather than as a buffet like the Rajasthani Food Fest at the ITC, as good as their food was)

The normal thali is priced at 325 and the special festival thali at 375. While its pricey there is loads of choice and yo do not ever feel like its not value for money. While the Rajdhani outlet is nice and spacious, its located in a mall which is terribly located and looks to be struggling.


Soham Shah said...

Hell Yeah. I too love Gujarati Thalis.

Whan I was in Navi Mumbai, I used to frequently visit Panchvati Gaurav in In-Orbit mall and Village in Raghuleela Mall .. Both were quite good in their own terms ..

Not finding a good thali place in Bay Area though :(

pooja mahimkar said...

being half gujju, i always loved gujrati food and now that you have posted such lovely pictures all i want to do now is go there and eat!! :D

Gaurav said...

@ soham i have been to Panchvati, not bad most of the time. maybe you can start one in the Bay area. when i lived in Rochester, there was a place called Thali of India.. but they never served a thali.

@ Pooja carpe diem

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