Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ramanayak Udipi Shri Krishna Boarding

Rest : A.Ramanayak Udipi Sri Krishna Boarding
Meal : Dinner
Loc : 1st Flr., LBS Market Bldg. Near Matunga Central Railway Station Mumbai
Company : Pat, Slash, Shri Samant Saheb

Four years ago with a great deal of expectation and anticipation i dragged a few friend to Ramanayak's, unfortunately we had a pretty sub standard meal, possibly one of the worst of the lot, we vowed to never go back. My post (here) attracted some fairly violent, disparaging comments. However i stood my ground.

For some random reason (and owing to my recent southie fixation) i figured it was time to give Ramanayak's a shot again and ascertain if it was a one off bad day or they well and truly sucked. So we ditched the car and hopped a cab to Matunga, the south Indian stronghold of central Bombay. My friend Pat who was with me the last time we dined here led the way as we tried to find our way.

Its not an easy place to find, its near the station, if you come from the main street, head towards the station, the building is at the end of the parking lot. Once you find the building don't enter, go around the back and you will find the door. Or you could stand on the main thoroughfare and moan "where the f*** is this place" like i did and someone will pop out and point you in the right.

It was packed inside but there was no wait, we walked in and paid up for our full meals (INR 130) you can also go for set meals (INR 48) and rice plates etc.

We grabbed our table, where we sat in twos, the banana plantain was already spread in front of us. Looking around the walls as you wait for the food you see their famous sign "The owner eats here" interesting, we were seated near the kitchen which looks fairly clean, a sign on the door invites you to inspect the kitchen if you so wish.

The contents of the thali are more or less standard, two gravies, a dry vegetable, a pickle, chapattis, poppadums, a small bowl of curd, fermented buttermilk, sambar, rasam, rice and one of three sweet dishes.

The food was pretty good, four years ago we were just robbed i guess, the place has been around for nearly seventy years, couldn't have lasted this long if they were no good. This time around, not a single item was below par. Spot on on every front, the rasam especially was possibly the best i have had, the fermented buttermilk i could drink gallons of (damn near tried too)no complaints.

Thalis are all about combinations and usually they put together enough dishes to appeal to most people, once in a while you will end up with a situation where none of the dishes work, perhaps that is what happened the last time. This time round, the combination worked.

The service too is functional, have to ask for a few things over and over but considering the environment it sort of seems to be part of the experience.

Overall, the food was solid, the service okay, i do think the pricing is a tad on the higher side, for example a full meal at Mani's served similarly was INR 100.

Food : 7/10
Service : 7/10
Damage : 130 pp


The knife said...

I don't mind it when I go back to a place which failed me and come back pleasantly surprised...good it worked for you

Gaurav said...

yep, its kind of nice to be pleasantly surprised. just annoyed that it took so many years to make my way back !

Bhairav said...

Gaurav - go try 36 Oak and Barley - Wife knows the owners, we had a great lunch there Sunday. Excellent, well priced vegetarian food.

Anonymous said...

Gaurav - Could you recommend a good Italian restaurant in South Bombay?

- Deeksha

Gaurav said...

hi Deeksha,

depends on your budget, Italian is a little weak in this city, however you can try Trattoria @ Taj President, Cellini at the Hyatt, Kalina, Olive is another popular venue but its not nearly as good as its prices. Moshe's does good Italian/Mediterranean and Indigo does some Italian dishes too.

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