Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Ruby Tuesday

Rest : Ruby Tuesday*
Time : Lunch
Date : August 2005
Location : Cross Roads 2, Nariman Point.
Company : Gautam

Experience: Got in around 2 pm the place was half full or half empty depending on your line of thinking. We were seated after a few mins but it took many minutes for the waiter to turn up and take in our order.

Order : Bomay platter, Salad, Veg. Burger with mushrooms, onions, cheese, cole slaw, Fries.

Drinks : Diet Coke, Water

Food: The Bombay platter was the single most boringly prepared, pointless thing i have had the dubious honor of consuming. I didnt even know why they bothered. It was dry, randomly spiced and contained uninteresting bits of cauliflower, cottage cheese. The fries were greasy, crunchy and just not enjoyable. The cole slaw seemed to have been prepared in hate, was dry, and unchewable. There was no ranch dressing for the salad, thus defeating the purpose. The Burger, well i think it was a good burger but then compared to the rest of the selection it was manna from heaven.

Overall : I would give the food a 3/10 while Service 3/10.

Damage : 850 INR ($180)

* There was also an interesing argument where the staff added a gratuity to the bill without asking me or mentioning it clearly on the menu. They also priced the Diet coke in a weird manner. The menu says INR 75 ($1.50) but the billing said INR 35 (.8ocents) and it added a tax amount for the rest of it. How the tax is calculated and how tax is taxed again is quite an intestesting read.
I got in touch with Ruby Tuesday, USA and they were good enough to forward my complaint to a gentlemen employed with them here. He was nice enough to call me, assured me of a better quality meal and explained the coke situation (which i dont agree with). However all this still hasnt made me want to go back there for my supposed free meal.

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