Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Starters and More

Rest :Starters and More
Meal : Dinner
Date : 18/1/2006
Location :Near Eros Cinema, Churchgate
Company : Sumeet, Bhavesh, Hussein, Brijesh

Experience - We walked in around 9ish and were seated right away. Menus were prompt as was the food. They had a live band playing some fabulous music, so the entertainment was great as was the tennis match on the big screen. the service itself was quite schizophrenic, in and out, prompt at times lost at others.A large number of expats seem to frequent the place, good to see a mix.

Order - French Onion soup, carrots in dip.

Drinks - Diet Pepsi

Food : The schezuan, chips n salsa as well as the beer from the night before had finally caught up with me and i wasnt up for any kinda dinner. So i decided to go light with my soup and carrots n dip. it was a preplanned commitment otherwise i would have cancelled alltogether. Having to look at my bastard friends eat the variety of platters that came in was extremely difficult. The dip was good, kind of tartar saucish, with a tomato tang. The carrots werent too bad, the cucumber was sub par. The French onion soup was great but not big enough in quantity. im looking forward to going back sometime soon.

Rating : Soups 9/10

Damage : unknown (left early)

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