Sunday, January 01, 2006

Cafe Moshe - Takeout

Rest : Cafe Moshe
Time : Sunday Brunch
Date : Jan1st 2006
Location : Crosswords bookstore, Kemps Corner
Company : Me, myself and i

Experience: Got in around 12 pm the place was not as crowded as it is usually is. I got a table and was immediately given a menu but then i changed my mind and decided to go for a take home.
Order : For lunch a crostini of marinated garlic, mushroom and belt pepper on mozzarella. Additionally i took some dessert a crush apple pie, ricotta cheese cake, strawberry cheese cake. Also some onion foccacia bread and garlic rolls.

Drinks : None

Food: The crostini was fabulous. Looked like a pizza, ate like a pizza but the taste was absolutely heavenly. The marinade was probably balsamic vinegar which gave it a perfectly appropriate taste. The focaccia bread is very very well made, never thought meditarraneans could uses onions this well. In the dessert arena, the cheesecake was great and the apple pie was even better. The strawberry cheesecake was weak, not in the league with the rest of the food.

Overall : I would give the Sandwich 9/10, dessert 8.9/10, 8/10 Service 8/10.

Damage : 372 INR ($8)

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Navin said...

Excellent reviews gaurav . Hope to see you at couch surfing shows people the best places to eat in mumbai

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