Monday, January 16, 2006

Hyderabad Blues Part 1 - At the the Taj.

Rest : Taj Krishna
Meal : Lunch, Dinner
Date : 12,13/1/06
Location : The Taj Krishna at Banajara Hills, Hyderabad
Company : Bunch of Delegates

A quick run down away from my usual format. I was in Hyderabad for Animation India 2006 organized by Nasscom. They served lunch on both days and dinner on the first. I dont recall the specifics of each meal but i will try and post a little about what it was like.
First day - Lunch,
i avoided most of it and stuck to the Chinese fare they had which was mostly noodles and some dark sauce stuff. The meal itself was ok.
First day - Dinner
Dont remember
Second Day - Lunch
aah, What a meal. They had a variety of things as usual, paneer in red hot gravy, they had vegetables in something brown, pulao, Naans and god save the King of Italy - an italian section. i avoided the indian fare and stuck to some nice bread rolls and penne in a tomato, olive oil and garlicy concoction. Fantastic, memorable.
Overall - the Taj of course upholds the high standards of service, presentation and management, the meals itself were patchy and produced to appeal to a variety of tastes. not bad at all.
Rating - Ill do an overall rating the food was 7/10 and the service 8.5/10

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