Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Rest : Vetro
Location: The Oberoi
Meal : Dinner

The Oberoi is a great hotel chain, they know luxury and leave even the Taj behind fairly often. However of late, it seems there are plenty of options for better food when it comes to the upper echelon and very few reside at the old guard of the Taj or the Oberoi.

Vetro is one such place. The all Italian eatery opened last year and has been fairly popular.I took the wife for a visit and it was disappointing. The decor was new york chic (glass, whites, minimalism) and the service was slow. However the place for full on Wednesday night so that cant be a bad thing.

The primi platter was super below par. The bruschetta was strictly ok and the polenta and black truffle crostini was just bland (how can you make black truffle bland?)

The Minestrone was pointlessly tasteless ( again. HOW?) besides being impossibly small portion (which is good if you make it incredibly tasty) it was just a waste of time.

Fortunately the entrees were great. The ricotta and tomato ravioli was great, tasty and well made. The Risotto with black truffle was outstanding. Top notch, a complex, layered taste definetely a must have.

The menu has quite a few dishes that use black truffles. So make sure you have a taste for it.

Overall, the place is ridiculously priced 2400 ($60) for a glass of Moet (no vintage mentioned either) what the f**k is wrong with these people. Hell i have never seen so many zeros in my life and i have been to quite a few ridiculous joints in my time. The wine list is just looney.

In the end, the place needs to work on its first two courses big time, speed up its service a chunk to be remotely acceptable at its prices.

I mean a place like Indigo has some imagination and effort that it puts into the food, so i can understand their pricing.

Vetro, however seems like someone was playing 'lets get away with it' and i guess they have.

Food 5/10 Service 6/10

Damage: Total. 3800 for 2 with a glass of wine.


chica said...

Have been planning to try out Vetro, lets see how it goes for me. I wasn't very impressed by Indigo though. I'm still wondering who thought of adding jeera aloo to the appetizers?!

Gaurav said...

well its a restaurant that appeals to a lot of visitors, in that context it might be acceptable.

i still think Indigo makes more of an effort than Vetro.

And the pricing is just ridiculous.

petiso said...

Hello, mr. Gaurav.
Interesting blog with a variety of entries.

I´m from Mexico DF and I eat these dishes since kid: Enchiladas, Quesadillas, Chalupas, Burritos, Fajitas, Tacos, Guacamole.
In your opinion, what is the difference between Mexican and TEx-Mex food.


Gaurav said...


Como estas? i visited Mexico, DF nearly 10 years ago, i drove in from Yuma, AZ to San Luis and then onwards.

The dishes you name are in my opinion fairly common in traditional Mexican and Tex-Mex.

However Tex Mex introduces a few of its own things to the mix such as melted monterrey jack or cheddar cheese, along with some signature tex mex dishes like chili con carne y con queso are tex mex inventions.

Tortilla and Salsa is sold across the world as an appetizer or a munchy.

Also in a traditional Mexican meal there will be a lot less experimentation versu when you have something like Tex-Mex which is widely imported, absorbed and added to in terms of cheeses, spices etc.

For example, a tex mex restaurant has roughly the same menu in London as it does in say, Hong Kong or Milan.

Tex Mex mixes with the old cuisine of Texas in the scope of the meat (beef especially)

hope that helps.

Via Con Dios.


Anonymous said...

Clarifying information, thanks.
Read you later.


Gaurav said...

sure, my pleasure.

Anonymous said...
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Garima said...

i am just glad to see that you thought better of using the word "retarded" in this review

Gaurav said...

Hi Garima, i am sure i have used it elsewhere ... am not the most politically correct of animals

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