Monday, January 30, 2006

International Meals - Recommendations!

From notes and from memory ill list a few places i have enjoyed some great meals.

Leicester Square, London
Great mediterranean pastas with good breads, great wine. Must visit especially if the weather outside is non-londonish. Its not very expensive around 12-15 Sterling($18-$20) but a nice place to spend an afternoon with friends.

Knightsbridge, London
A small restaurant but by no means cramped. Great food, big portions, a bit on the home made side of things in terms of style but delicious. A tad expensive ( about 35 quid or US$60) but worth it. Also if you are lucky to go in around the Grand Prix then you are guranteed to run into someone.

Monroe Ave Rochester, NY & Off Cornell campus Syracuse, NY
An all time fav. Meditarranean mix with both sides east and west. You have hummus, chili, baba ganoush & then pastas with goat cheese, sun dried tomatos that would make your eyes pop out of your head. Price was reasonable too all said and done you could be out of there for $20-$25.

Prince Street & SOHO New York City
Sushil took me there a few times fantastic malaysian food, spicy, brothy, with the greatest smelling coconut rice in the world. A tiki style place with some super attractrive servers. Go for a Roti Canai, Penang Satay, Clay Plot midori sour at least once. Damage about $35-$50

Texan Embassy
Cockspur St,( i think) Nearest tube is Piccadilly circus
A cantina style mexican place in a great location and a must stop by.Its a large place with two floors, good atmosphere , quite festive, the food itself is quite decent fare depending on who is in the kitchen. Go for Coronas, chile con queso, dinner salad, chips and guacomole, fajitas. Damage about 20quid (30$)

Beverly Hills Cafe
4000, N 46th Avenue, Los Angeles, CA
My cousin took me there after a night of partying. They have a great bunch of things you can choose from, All american fare, eggs, health food, soups. Go for the loaded potato, spicy peanut vinagirette salad. Rocking!!!! Damage - cant recall, cousin always paid.

Gramercy Tavern
East 20th Street, New York
I met a friend for drinks here and we decided to meet again there for dinner the following day. Although a meat eaters realm more than mine it had some interesting fare like the Portobello tart, Tomato basil salad, potato puree and a vegetable sandwich. Its a bit pricey, Damage was around $50 or so with drinks. I have been told its been voted one of the 50 best restaurants in the world in 2005.

Bon Marche
Yonge Street, Toronto Canada & Villa Marie, Montreal, Quebec
This was a real find. Recommended by my friend Nina Von and then i in turn recommended to my friend Sushil on a trip to Montreal. What a great idea, the restaurant gives you a sheet called passport, you go to different cuisine stalls (open market style) and get your dishes, they then stamp your passport and then you pay at the end. There are diff seating styles too, from fine dining, to bistro, to cafe style. Fantastic place, i have been there on every visit to Toronto and Montreal. Best part was i ate to my hearts content and never could crack the $25 barrier. Only problem is you can spend more time getting food and then you do conversing.

W 56th Street, New York
Went here for my best mates graduation dinner, great indian food. Paneer masala, dal makhani, naans, raita. Oh yeah, this is probably one of the best indian restaurants in the city, i have heard it is inconsistent but it was great the night i was there. The late great John Ritter was holding court the same night as well. Damage i would reckon around $35 a pop.

East 51st Street, New York
A smallish restaurant serving some great indian food, better than you would get in India. Its decorated in a rural indian motif with yellow walls, the food is super tasty, rich and heavy. The paneer, the naan and boatloads of rice. Damage around $25 without drinks.

Don Pablos
Jeffesron St, Rochester, NY
An old college haunt, had some great fun meals here with mates, they have 3 different salsas, margeritas you wouldnt believe, some good refried beans as well. Was cheap too $15-$20. With copious amounts of Dos Equis or Corona.

Borgospresso, Milan, Italy
Wow. Italians know how to enjoy a meal. I spent 2+ hours here just eating by myself. Being a vegetarian they were nice enough to indulge me and make alternatives to the traditional anti pasti meats with cheese and crunchy bread. The food was superlative but it wasnt a meal it was more like an experience. Damage was around $20

Mirabello Piazza
Another great meal, luscious pasta, delectable bread, cheese galore and half a bottle of wine. I dont remember anything else except how sinfully good the meal was. The place is a bit on the trendy side but i was there for lunch cost around $18 or so.

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