Sunday, January 08, 2006

Cafe Moshe - Sit Down

Cafe Moshe

Rest : Cafe Moshe
Time : Sunday Brunch
Date : Jan8th 2006
Location : Crosswords bookstore, Kemps Corner
Company : Vishal

Experience: Got in around 1ish and got lucky with no crowds a slow sunday it is today. Got our menus almost immediately and the waiter was quite attentive.

Order: Couscous salad with greens, veggies and tomato salad in balsamic, crostini of marinated garlic, mushroom and belt pepper on mozzarella, baked dish of mushrooms, cheese, in a lasagna of sorts, cheese toast. dessert was blueberry cheesecake, apple pie and tiramisu

: ice tea, diet coke

Food: A better opportunity to try out different things today. So we went for the whole hog. The salad was great, the portion medium. As you delved into the salad it had even more tastes come out of it, then when you started. Chick peas, tomatos, couscous, very good. Vishals was good as well, you cant go wrong with balsamic marinade. The cheese toast was nice, melted cheese with some ketchup, perfect. The baked lasagna style lunch item for me was nice, was much bigger than i anticipated but it wasnt as heavy to eat, came with a side of red, brown and blue bread, very good taste, light tomato sauce, sweetish, creamish but still distinctive. The crostini was the same as last time, bloody good, Vishal had more olives and jalapenos put on it so it was a lot more tangy then i remembered. A special mention for the ice-t it was very good, cant say how they did it different, it also had a golden colour different from your dark brown lipton, i think its the sweetening agent they used, might have been honey, a must try.
The dessert was dissapointing. The tiramisu wasnt frothy enough, and usually when you dig deep thats when the taste hits you but it didnt work the same with this. The blueberry cheesecake, was ok, not too bad but still didnt work. Had apple pie take home which was weak as well. The desserts were dissapointing, should have gone for the ricotta cheesecake.

Overall : I would give the Salads 8.9/10, entrees 8.7/10, dessert 4/10 Service 9/10.

Damage : 990 INR ($20)

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