Monday, January 09, 2006

All Stir Fry

Rest : All Stir Fry
Meal : Lunch
Date : 9/1/2005
Location : Gordon House Hotel behind The Taj Mahal Hotel
Company : Kunal, Parag

Experience : Havent been out to a weekday lunch in ages. My friend Parag was visiting from NY and this was his only day in Bombay so we decided to trek up for some oriental delights and All Stir Fry was the automatic choice.

Order : Well since having tried and enjoyed the Wok that is what we decided to go for.

Drinks : Castle Lager, Rum n Coke

Food :
First bowl : I went for Flat, red udon noodles with Mushrooms, spring onions, bamboo shoots, done in Kung Pao sauce with lots of garlic and peanuts.
Same as last time, quite good. It is the tastiest sauce of the lot, not spicy, not sweet it just has a distinct taste to it and its a good one to go for.
Thin noodles, mushrooms, jalapenos, onions, garlic and peanuts in Mongolian sauce. The bowl wasnt too bad. The sauce is quite distincitve but it is along the lines of Kung Pao but it is redder and slightly spicier, but it dosent have a bite like Schezuan or Devil.
Third & last : I chose, thin noodles, mushrooms, onions in Chili & ginger sauce with chili flakes, garlic and peanuts. Not bad at all. A little different, i tasted the sauce before i ordered it and i was excited but it didnt taste the same, which is sad. It wasnt bad or anything but it was the weakest of the lot for sure.
Overall : I would give the Kung Pao a 9/10, Mongolian 8.9/10, Chili Ginger 8/10, Service 9/10

Damage : 2100 ($50)

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