Wednesday, September 15, 2010

California Pizza Kitchen

Rest : California Pizza Kitchen
Meal : Between lunch & dinner
Loc : Bandra Kurla.

We were entering Bandra Kurla for a meeting when we saw the CPK sign and decided while driving to check it out if they were going to be serving at the awkward dining hour of 5.30 pm. They were and we walked into a pretty cool looking space, well laid out, well it, spacious, stand alone restaurants in Bombay have really been coming into their own with loads of character and style.

CPK is an American chain that specialises in California style pizzas. To quickly define it California style has developed over the last 15 years or so and the focus is on using fresh and disparate ingredients brought together to create off the league combinations. I remember having guacomole on my pizza when i was in LA nearly a decade ago (not as bad as it sounds)

Although with a Pizza in the name, they serve some mexican inspired dishes as well as some pasta alternatives. the largest selection is however their pizza.

the lemonade was not half bad.

the platter we got was supposed to have tortilla, pita, salsa, a pesto sauce and guacamole. However the guacamole was not available (wtf) Now to be honest, this was a little ridiculous. the salsa was average, the pesto was just bland. we brought it to their notice but were told thats how it is (how is that possible? the chef is so dumb he made it bland?)

keeping the spirit of California in mind we got the greek which really sucked. if it were real fresh it may have worked on some level however it was just plain old boring, no real taste to it, despite the feta it did not work. the wife insisted on it, i would have prefered the goat cheese with peppers. however friends of mine who were there 2 hours after me and did try other things found it to be just as bad.

since they are doing a relatively modern take on a very popular dish which has indigenous versions, i think they will have to try real hard to get the idea across. This will mean fresh ingredients and consistent dishes.

this was reasonably good. but not out of this world.

The service was okay, a little scared and it was a little frustrating to see a table with 6-7 chefs sitting on it and no one to talk to us about it. I hope things improve because people will travel to its weird location once, its just way out in the boonies to be tried again after a bad meal.

Food : 4/10
Service : 4/10
Damage : 1500

As an aside, have been to two modernesque restaurants and have been clearly dissapointed. Not a traditionalist by any means but i have found the execution to be seriously wanting. Am hoping to get to Zia sometime in the next few weeks, should be the ultimate test.


The knife said...

looks like you are going through bad patch ...hope your luck changes soon

Gaurav said...

having a terrible run.. in fact birthday is coming up and we were thinking about Zia or Zodiac Grill but now im afraid of spending what is bound to be 6-8k on a meal which could end up being way below par.

NC said...

I love their Greek pizza. Although its not bursting with flavour it a nice mild pizza and the slight sweet taste of the freshly baked base works very well the salty feta cheese. It must be soemthing to do with freshness. I was very excited to see that CPK opened up their place in india and was about to recommend it to my family there, but looks like I will have to wait :)

The knife said...

hey, hasn't Zodiac Grill shut down?

Why don't you just add afew K more and stay overnight at one of the hotels instead?

deepa said...
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Gaurav said...

Zodiac Grill is still on.. ive stayed at the Taj before (the new building) didnt find it that impressive.

there is a likely chance that i might skip dinner and head to KL & Singapore for a few days since work isnt as hectic.

The knife said...

ya that makes a lot of sense or a goa resort? Park Hyatt was really cool. Went there similar time last year

Gaurav said...

never been a Goa fan but my dad had good things to say about the Park Hyatt.

thinking of heading to KL for a day or two and then to Sin to hang with friends for a few days.

Mabe squeeze in a meeting or two in HKG as well.

should have clarity in a few days.

Gaurav said...

never been a Goa fan but my dad had good things to say about the Park Hyatt.

thinking of heading to KL for a day or two and then to Sin to hang with friends for a few days.

Mabe squeeze in a meeting or two in HKG as well.

should have clarity in a few days.

Jahnvi Obhan said...

Gaurav !

Every once in a while u come across someone who sounds like your echo :) Am glad there are still people around who love their food, and are passionate enough to write about it, in this diet fanatic world of ours ! Just last eve a friend suggested i start writing about food, places to eat etc as i work hard so i can eat well, and i find nothing more satisfying than helping people pick their place, meal and drink. Thought of checking out the existing blogs on the tummy filler, and am really exhilirated reading your blog. This comment is not for any particular post but for the blog in general, well done you !

Gaurav said...

Hi Jahnvi,

Thanks for your comment and your kind words. Always good to hear from folks.

Are you based out of Bombay?

its important to figure out why you want to write, once your motivation is clear the blog will write itself.

i wish you all the luck in the world !

Jahnvi said...

yup, me from aamchi mumbai! hopefully will start a food blog SOON !

Gaurav said...

JO, good luck and keep visiting !


Kapil said...

hey I haven't eaten at the mumbai one but had tried the one in dubai. enjoyed it throughly.

Sej said...

Ironically I went to one here in the US (I am in PA but my closest one is out in Jersey) just two nights ago. And it's sad that the one in India doesn't live up to the ones out here. When u are back in the US visiting definitely try the mushroom ravioli at CPK. I've usually been ok with the same platter served at say Olive Garden or Macaroni Grill but CPK's version takes it to a whole new level. Absolutely delectable. Also - my sister's fave at every CPK visit is the tostada pizza. Another one that is a must try. Side note for the tostada pizza - order without the ranch sauce for the vegetarian palate as it has anchovies in it.

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