Friday, December 30, 2005


Rest : Gaylord
Time : Lunch
Date : 29th Dec 2005
Location : Churchgate, next to Asiatic.
Company : Felix & Genevieve Rocque of Montreal

Experience: Got in around 2 pm the place was reasonably crowded since it is quite an old establishment and therefore quite popular. Seating was almost immediate, the table was nice and the wait staff was quite attentive from the get go.

Order : Risotto, Lamb Stroganoff, Afghani Chicken, Paneer Makhanwala, Plain Nan.

Drinks : Aquafina, Kingfisher

Food : The Risotto was allright, not very Italian which is fine by me. Being a vegetarian i can only publish what Felix and Gen said. First off the wait staff mixed up the order and brought in the Chicken Stroganoff and not Lamb. They insisted it was Lamb but then realised it wasnt and apologised. The Stroganoff was average and was accompanied by Mashed potatos and veggies. Being a huge fan of mashed potatos i had to try, i have had better, much better. Didnt seem to have any heart in it.
The Afghan chicken was rated as nothing short of fantastic. Both of them loved it and it was gone quite quickly. Accompanied by rice.
I had the Paneer makhanwala, it wasnt too bad. The gravy was rich tomato, slightly spicy but not too bad. They could have had a little more paneer though. The Nan was allright, i forg0t to mention id like some butter & the waiters didnt ask me if i wanted it a specific way.
Then we headed of to Baskin Robbins for ice cream.

Overall : I would give the Indian food a 8/10 while the European fare 5/10. Service 8/10.

Damage : 1500 INR ($40)

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