Monday, April 30, 2007

Cafe Madras

Rest : Cafe Madras
Location : Dadar - Matunga
Meal : Dinner
Company : Loki

Ambience : Cafe Madras is a very very basic eatery. Small, on two levels and harkens back to a time when the city was probably full of places like this.

Meal : The menu is south indian and interesting however some of the items you know nothing about since the names are things we have never heard (Neer, Ungdu etc) Anyway we got the vada sambar (good) the madras dahi misal (excellent) the onion rava (below average) the set dosas (two pancake like dal-flour dosa with masala in the middle, very different and good) many other options with uttapams and rice which ill try out if im ever back.

The filter coffee was the drink to have. in that heat too i had like 3 cups. Fantastic.

There was a 20 min wait on account of it being Sunday. beware its very basic no A/c no fancy stuff. eat and get out though the staff is pretty friendly.

Food : 8/10 Service 8/10
Damage : 180($4.50)

Monday, April 16, 2007

China Gate

Rest : China Gate
Meal : Lunch
Location : Atria Mall, Worli
Company : Gotti, Rishab, Wife

Ambiance : The place is well done up and the seating is comfortable, it has an upscale loungish look to the whole thing more than a restaurant.

Drinks : Corona x 1, Diet Pepsi x 2

Soup : We got the Tom Yum (below average) Wanton (good) Sweet Corn (disgusting)

Appetizers : Onion Pancakes were pretty on the money, the spring rolls are something we never order anywhere and with good reason, they were terribly done. The kung pao paneer had a very soya beanish taste to it but overall was pretty good.

Main Course : Three veggies in chilli garlic sauce, the sauce was mostly all heat and not enough taste but it wasnt all bad. The burnt chili fried rice was pretty good, the pan fried noodles i thought were pretty average.

Experience : Overall the ambiance was acceptable, the meal itself was nothing above ordinary and too inconsistent to become a regular jaunt. The service too was quick but not good enough.

Rating : Food 7.9/10 Service 6/10
Damage : 1600 ($38)
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