Thursday, July 03, 2008

Golden Star

Rest : Golden Star
Meal : Dinner
Location : Charni Road, near Hinduja College

My kid brother and i have been trying to get to Golden Star for a very long time, it finally happened for us last night. The place itself has no ambiance to speak of and is not the largest of spaces. However Thali is all about the food and not the conversation, so the seating is fairly tight and spread thin.

The calm before the storm. Waiting for the meal to begin.

We got a side of Daal Baati, it was fabulous, good enough to have as the entire meal, the baatis were small, rough and tasty and the daal was just out of this world. Best enjoyed hot!

The rest of the meal was fairly average and generic. Like most thali meals, its a gamble. You go in and hope they have all the entrees you love. We began with some dhokla (ok) papad churi (terrible, over salted) tomato uttapam with red chutney (fantastic)
Potato in tomato gravy which was pretty good. Other than that they had palak paneer (eww) and two other less than memorable veggies. The daal and white kadi were good.

The chaas was nice, served chilled like it is meant to be. Also top notch was the khichadi, very nicely done.

The sweet was a boring, generic fruit salad.

Overall, the food was just average, saved by the outstanding uttapam, daal baati and khichadi.

The service was slow, scatter brained and you had to ask for everything, weird since they were barely half full.

I know better places for thaalis, besides you get similar meals in better ambiance for less at Samrat and Status.

Food 6.5/10
Service 6/10
Damage 630 for 3.

Golden Star
330, Raja Rammohan Roy Road
Opposite Charni Road Station
Girgaum, Mumbai
23631983, 23671952


Nona shivangi said...

I liked the content on this site. Would like to visit again. From:

Vijay said...

Try any of the Aaram restaurent thalis; you'll find them in Bandra - East, Mahim etc

Gaurav said...

Thanks Nona.


Ill keep that in mind, dont end up in the suburbs very often. cheers.

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