Sunday, July 13, 2008

Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee is a london based coffee chain which is fairly wide spread in the South Asian region, their New Delhi outlet is the largest of any of the ones they have. Their sole outlet in Bombay is in Andheri, which i spotted while driving back from a meeting. The place itself is okay, a slightly superior version of Barista but not with the same youthful vibe.

Unfortunately anything upscale in the suburbs is patronized by B level actors and Tv people, things i find insufferable (yes i am a south bombay snob, sue me) so we got our coffee to go.

Blended coffee, iced. Superior to a lot of the stuff you get at our local coffee shops but at 90 bucks its a bit pricey.

I dont even know what the hell this was but it was recommended and i am glad my wife chose it. it was supposed to be some passion fruit sangria thing. personally it belonged on the pavement. 90 bucks this too.

Overall the place is okay, a definite upmarket alternative to Barista and Cafe Coffee Day.

Costa Coffee
Gazebo House, 52, Gulmohar Road, JVPD
Opposite Crossroad No. 7
Juhu, Mumbai
26255567, 9911868654

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