Sunday, June 29, 2008

Indigo Deli

Rest: Indigo Deli
Loc : Between Regal Cinema & Taj Palace
Meal : Lunch

Indigo Deli is one of the more popular south Bombay eateries, new york style in its ambiance. They have plenty of variety in the menu more so than any deli i have ever been to.

We ended up there for a late lunch celebrating a Saturday where i wasnt at work for a change. Got lucky with a table after waiting 5 mins any later and the wait would have shot up to 30 mins.

It also happened to be the 3rd anniversary of Indigo Deli and they had a special menu in place just for today. Plenty of interesting stuff on the menu and we sampled some of it.

The tomato and herbed soup with some cheese was brilliant, i have had similar dishes elsewhere but its always been slightly on the sweeter side. Not so here, the cheese infusion was a master stroke. Brilliant.

Sangria, wow, i havent had any in a while and not a lot of places in Bombay offer it either. Their version came with red wine and green apple vodka as well as a little cranberry juice. Interesting, refreshing and as good as any i have had. Perfect on a hot day.

The thin crust pizza from Indigo deli is not one of my favorite things in the world but the wife loves it. The special menu offered a new version with grilled peppers (i could have done without them) mushrooms and garlic. Except for the peppers the pizza was excellent. Again i continue to think the crust is too thin.

The Gnocchi in Camembert sounded very interesting but i am just not a gnocchi kinda guy so i went for the safety of my linguine in tomato sauce.
The tiramisu was excellent, up there with the one we had in Milan (read about that most religious of experiences here) Brilliant choice, usually i choose the Tiramisu to see how bad it is... this one was good stuff.

Also had a fairly average cup of cold coffee. No great shakes.

Overall the food was good as usual, the service was actually a lot better than i expected, usually its slow and forgetful but always friendly.

Food : 8/10
Service : 8/10

Damage : For 2 with 2 glasses of wine 2300

Indigo Deli
5, Ground Floor
Pheroze Bldg, Opposite Dhanraj Mahal
Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharshi Marg, Apollo Bunder, Mumbai 66551010


Simran said...

Ever tried their pesto rolls - its the most perfect puff pastry I know of

Anonymous said...


You are tempting me. That tiramisu looks mouth watering.


Gaurav said...


Never treid their pesto rolls, i will give them a shot next time around.


That tiramisu is probably the best one i have had in the city. i just hope it was not a one off.

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