Saturday, July 19, 2008


Everyone has a fav bar or place to drink up, ours is Geoffreys at the Marine Plaza on Marine Drive. The place is built like a traditional English pub except for the music (though its usually good but too loud)

There is plenty of atmosphere and the place has its regulars, you will it gets a lot of the after work crowd but not to the extent where it is a corporate bar.

The coolest things about Geoffreys is tha they offer the best snacks in the country. Peanuts are ok but the chips and FIERY salsa go down so well with the drinks. You can go through 3-4 bowls in an evening and then it gives you trouble the next day but its a treat.
The service can be slow sometimes but it is never problematic, over the weekend or during sporty season it gets fairly well packed. Been going there since it opened and its never disappointed. They have a decent food menu as well, not much for vegetarians unfortunately but the Paneer Tikka is great.

Marine Plaza Hotel,
Marine Drive

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