Thursday, July 10, 2008

Papa Pancho Da Dhaba

Rest: Papa Pancho Da Dhaba
Loc : Bandra, opposite Golds Gym
Meal : Dinner

Papa Pancho used to serve fabulous punjabi food but then the quality sort of faded away over time. While in the area we decided to give them a shot again and see how things have progressed since our last visit.

The place itself is made to look like a dhaba with some funny touches here and there. The decor seems to have come out of a kit but it works, the place has a charm, pity its two small unconnected units.

For drinks we got the usual Diet Cola which was Pepsi in this case

Masala Chaas (Butter milk)

The chaas was chilled to the bone which i thought was excellent but it had just too much masala in it which really made it an intense spicy taste. I asked them to hold off on the masala and i wish they had, it would been brilliant.

Sweet Lassi

The Lassi was thick, creamy, sweet and served cold in a huge glass. Unfortunately the wife said she could smell the chlorine in the water used and we had to send it back. I wish they had remade it and brought it back but they didnt bother.

The menu is fairly expansive and they have plenty of staples like Rajma Chawal, Paneer, Dal. However we chose the Dal Makhani and the Handi Paneer. Both were pretty good dishes.

The Dal was all right the buttery taste was there but it was missing the tastyness it should have had.
The paneer was soft and the gravy was pretty tasty, went well with the bread and the rice. The Cheese & Garlic Kulcha was pretty good but the Missi Roti was average.

The wife said she that though the food tasted ok she had a distinct feeling it had been prepared fair deal in advance and its freshness was suspect. The fact that at between 8-9.15 there were only four people for dinner including us reinforces the case.

The jeera rice was fairly average and definitely cooked and reheated.

Overall the food was above average, however i am not too impressed with their policy of maybe preparing things and keeping them.

The service is quick but dispassionate.

Food : 7/10
Service 7/10
Damage for 2 : 600

Papa Pancho Da Dhaba
B-4 Gagangiri Society, Union Park
Next to Cafe Coffee Day, Off Carter Road
Khar (W), Mumbai


Manan said...

hey gaurav
following your blog since some time now....great reading,
u must try out this place "khane khaas" in bandra for great punju food.
the tikkas & cheese naan r probably the best ive eaten outside an actual dhaba
also the dal & mushroom tikkas get an honorable mention.
do lemme know how ur experience is...
and yes, did i mention, its amazingly cheap. a veg meal for 4 cost us 615 :)

Gaurav said...


Thanks for the info about Khane khas will check it out when the opportunity comes, watch out for it.

My fav place for Mughlai/Punjabi has to be Kebabs n Kurries atthe ITC Grand Central. I think its the best in the city. I have a detailed review coming up soon.


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