Monday, January 30, 2012

The Newly Opened 36 Oak & Barley - A guest review

Rest : 36 Oak & Barley
Loc : August Kranti Marg, near Cumballa Hill Hospital
Meal : Dinner

This one has been reviewed by the wife, like everything else, she gets ownership of the blog and its therefore only fitting that she does a review. 36 O&B is just around the corner from where we live, though the building itself has a bit of a nasty reputation, its nice to have a new restaurant in the neighborhood. She had to meet a friend for a bite on a Sunday evening and with no intention to brave traffic.. voila a review for the new neighborhood restaurant.

36 Oak & B replaces East, the south east asian restaurant designed like a bit of an understated Tiki Bar or like the East coast based Penang. While East was around for a while, it never struck quite the chord with diners, the food was okay but nothing special, it was also quite oddly located (traffic, parking woes)

The place itself is quite large and a little loud in terms of design, a strong industrial streak runs through the layout which i think has been carried forward from East. The menu is expansive and covers a wide range of cuisines, focusing more on the plates, best of different cuisines.

The bean sprouts have been retained from the old East table service and were lovely, you could eat tons of this and still ask for another plate. The breadsticks were fairly ordinary.

The fondue was pretty decent

served with crispy bread.

a bit of a deconstruction with these things on the side if you so wish to indulge.

The falafal was pretty good with hummpus drizzle. Very enjoyable.

The risotto was creamy  but not heavy, an average dish.

Overall, the place has a relaxed ambiance, the decor is certainly high end, however they could have definitely toned it down and it would not have hurt the environment at all. The menu has a bit of a wide range and could serve as a decent all day dining spot but i think its a little too large (spread over 2000 square feet) a smaller place would have worked too. 

The service is top notch, no complaints. Their pricing is competitive too, as was the case with East.

Food : 7/10
Service : 8/10
Damage : 1750 (2 appetizers, a main, glass of wine and a mocktail)

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