Friday, January 10, 2014

Idli House Awesomeness

Rest : Idli House
Meal : Breakfast
Loc : Matunga

I love Idli House, unfortunately its on the wrong side of the circle which makes for infrequent visits. However this Sunday, we hit it with a vengeance. Dining with a bunch of South Indians makes it very easy to enjoy a meal like this.

 A must have here is the Idli in mudho leaves, lovely, a pain to open on your own but nicely steamed, reminds me of getting rice in lotus leaves in Hong Kong.

another fav of mine is the pepper idli, i always get a single because it ends up being too much food all around but this is just awesome. Its very subtly flavoured and goes brilliantly with some mysore style garlic chutney. 

The idli with white butter. what else do i need to say ? 

i have long claimed that the Idli House actually makes the best filter coffee of all the Southie restaurants i have been to in Bombay. just perfect and still kicking ass. 

Overall, an excellent meal in what is a very very small and perpetually crowded space. Go with a bunch of people and get everything on the menu. 

Food : 8/10
Service : 8/10
Damage: minimal 


Ami said...

I went to the Cafe Madras for Lunch today... What an amazing south indian food ! Tasty :)

Gaurav said...

Thanks Ami. glad you liked it. what did you have ?

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