Wednesday, January 04, 2012


Rest : Mani's Lunch Home
Loc : Matunga, Near Kings Circle (map)
Meal : Lunch


Our dub session for Ashoka 2 got halved as one of the child artists was feeling unwell, with an unexpected afternoon off, we decided to get some lunch, an inspired choice by the wife who mentioned we should head to Matunga as its on the way and hit up Mani's (we had been discussing exploring more of Matunga as we both love to explore Southie food beyond the staples)

Not knowing where Mani's is we sort of bumbled our way to Matunga and reached a crossroad. The Mrs who is a smart cookie at the worst of times wanted to ask for directions but somehow i got the feeling that it was nearby, i picked a lane and bam! there it was. The wife was amazed and i kept wishing i could pick stocks like this.

Mani's is relatively small, cramped, no frills and very very crowded, so do not go into it thinking its going to be sexy in anyway, you want sexy southie food head to Daskhin at ITC or Konkan Cafe, this is fairly basic. You get the regular idli/dosa bunch of snacks but during Lunch hours most people come here for the thalis or for the rice plates. 

The thalis are served as a set one serving in regulation steel plates or one can choose to have a full meal on a banana leaf, both of us chose to go for the full meal. 


They serve chapatis, rice, rasam, sambar, a dry vegetable, two gravies, pickle, papad, yoghurt, buttermilk and a dessert. they also serve payasam on the weekends.
this litle dal/veggie thingy was fantastic, cant say enough about it, absolutely spot on, not too spicy, just right, tasted brilliant.

dry veggie was fairly standard, no real taste of its own, blandish, coupled with pickle or one of the other veggies and it was not too bad.

the second gravy was a potato dish, did not mind it much, the wife loved it but i would not put it in the same league as the red one.

they served a brilliant rasam but must only have it when its piping hot, the sambar was not bad at all. The yoghurt is sour and very tangy, the buttermilk made from the same yoghurt is fermented brilliantly. The dessert was okay, was too stuffed to have the pyasam, perhaps next time. 

overall, the meal was a pretty good but short of brilliant, i think they scrimped off by not serving as any chutneys (i would have expected atleast 2) or a munchy like banana chips as is traditional to do.

Definitely worth a go however.

Service is fast and can be a little rushed if they dont like you but is quite friendly on the whole, the ambiance is functional but thats how its meant to be and no real complaint about that. I am going to continue to explore the Matunga/Kings Circle area over the next few days and report as things go.

Food : 7/10
Service : 7/10
Damage : for 100 per person which is decent value for money.

PS. There are three restaurants owned by the same folks, all called Mani's so double check which one you end up at. The one mentioned here is the first one they opened decades ago, the food is apparently the same across em all.


The knife said...

looks interesting ...only problem with places like this and idli house and so on are that they aren't on my way...not too fond of travelling just for food in Mumbai...btw you HAVE to try out Deluxe for their banana leaf thalis. this is in the lane adjacent to the vodafone store by the south indian temple in the citibank bombay store gully...closer to your house

Gaurav said...

hi KK, what i do is keep track of places i am going or passing by and if its possible stopping by.

The Central suburbs i have largely ignored but bunch of my mates congregate there on Sundays for meals, so its an interesting patch.

Ill def check out Deluxe thanks for the heads up !

Rajvi said...

Hey gaurav,
Try reviewing "5" its a small quietresturant tucked away in Santacruz that serves some amazing european dishes.
Just went there yesterday and it was apleasure dining there, from the candle lit subtle ambience, to the service and the food.

Gaurav said...

Hi Rajvi, thanks for the tip, if and when im in Santa Cruz again, will try and check them out.

thanks !

Anonymous said...

I hope don't come across as mean, but don't these dishes have names? Dal veggie thingie or dry veggie thingies sounds sligthly ignorant and/or disrespectful.

Gaurav said...

@anonymous, thanks for your comment. i have no intention of being disrespectful here. unfortunately there is never a menu around to read or take notes. ill make sure i try and get the names of the dishes in next time.


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