Saturday, February 04, 2012

Cafe Mysore - A dissapointment

Rest : Cafe Mysore
Meal : Snack
Loc : Matunga Circle

All this South Indian food for the past month, it had to go wrong somewhere i guess, Cafe Mysore claims to be one of the oldest restaurants for Southie cuisine but being the oldest is not a quality id look for in a restaurant.

Cafe Mysore is a bit of a hole in the wall, which serves regular southie fare, they also serve some dishes which i guess would tantamount to cheating, but in this one size fits all world its not something i would dock points for.

Its a smallish outlet, with no ambiance to speak off, which puts it on par along with any of its competitors and contemporaries. Menu covers is more or less expansive and covers most ground, hell they even had Pav Bhaji on offer as a special. 

The Curd rice was the first thing the wife ordered, as it was something we had heard lots about. Diastarous, i mean let alone authentic, this was terrible, it was like curd thrown on left over rice, no taste whatsoever.

The mysore masala was not bad but it was certainly nothing i would come here specifically for. Way too much butter too.

The garlic chutney is pretty much what saved the day, they charge extra for this (15Rs) and boy is it worth it. Fantastic, id take this home and have it everyday if i could.

The coffee too was pretty awesome, nicely churned it was strong, near choclatey. good stuff.

Overall, it was my first culinary disappointment in Matunga, dont think i would go back there at all, the chutney is great but Idli house and Ram Ashraya offer the same and dont charge you for it. The coffee is pretty good but again, Idli house does a mean cup.

Food : 5/10
Service : 5/10
Damage 220


Anonymous said...

idli house belongs to the same guy . :)

Gaurav said...

that explains the chutney.. the rest though was atrocious.

Anonymous said...

Suggest you to go in the mornings to Cafe Mysore and have their Coconut Sevai. Its a daily feature and the stuff is so good, that it is sold by maximum 9 AM everyday. Guess this might change your view a little bit for Cafe Mysore.

Gaurav said...

hey, thanks for your comment. not sure if i will ever be able to make it there before 9am.

also though, one dish out of the many is still a bit of failure to me.

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