Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Eating out over the last week

Have had a pretty good run over the last few days and hopefully it will run through the coming weekend which also happens to be my birthday ! Unfortunately most of these dine outs were impromptu and i wasnt able to click pictures, so am reusing some of the old ones from other posts, cept for the last one.

Cafe Basilico in Bandra is an old war horse and came through on what was a particularly bad day. Planned to the hilt as a working Saturday things unraveled fairly quickly and nothing got done. The only solace being getting a chance to bite into possibly the best risotto anywhere in the city (previous) a must have dish, the mushroom risotto with a supremely tasty tomato compote of sorts. Also had an open faced omelet which was okay and a horrible couscous upma, expecting it to be like the one at Indigo Deli it was a disaster (900 for 2)

China Garden last night for an awesome dinner with a large gathering including my rakhi sister Tazhib and her husband Farokh who are down from the UK and miss Indian Chinese. For someone who is avoiding Chinese i have certainly OD'ed on it.

This time i was happy to go because Farokh is an awesome cook and treated us BIG time when were in London this past summer. Food was brilliant, fantastic onion pancakes continue to astound, the veggies in schezuan sauce were just awesome, i don't know what they did different, i got some asparagus which tasted out of this world. Farokh & Tahzib also got a fried squid starter and shrimp for their main course. Both of which they said were great. (5500 for 7 with 2 beers) Previous visit here

I was hoping to carry out for drinks post dinner but my kid brother had a particularly long day at work, which is idea time for drinking but we had to disband, not feeling like going home yet, the wife and i headed out to Indigo Deli for some dessert. The Belgian Chocolate ice - cream is ddddelicious, again a superlative little thing. Though i have had it before, i couldn't recall if it had that tang of liqueur to it. Again, highly recommend this, share it because its really really rich. (340 incl taxes)

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