Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Meal : Candies
Loc : Pali Hill, Bandra West

After a meeting in the killing fields of Andheri-Kurla, we were headed back to the more familiar and preferable confines of South Bombay, as has become a habit, we either dine at the hotels that line the Western Express Highway or make our way to Bandra. Not in the mood for a long drawn out sit down lunch, we debated between Moshe & Cafe Basilico but ultimately agreed on trying out Candies.

Candies is part of Bandra lore and though i have been coming to Bandra a lot more over the last five years than i ever did in the 25 before that, i never had a chance to try Candies. They serve a variety of pre-cooked meals which are heated up and ready to serve. Spaghetti, Thai Curry, Paneer Makhani etc are all on offer.

Also on the menu is an all day breakfast as well as a large selection of quiches, sandwiches etc. They also have a single serving salad bar (130) which has various salads and a large section for desserts.

We picked up a quiche, a veg patty of some kind and a salad. The quiche was not too bad, the patty however was oily and tasted mediocre at best. The fresh lime soda was brilliant and we had a few more of those.

The Salad is by far the single most interesting of all the dishes they have on offer. I picked up a little bit of each, from memory there was Cole Slaw, Potato Salad, Macaroni Salad, Olives, Croutons, Romaine & Lettuce. Couldnt find any dressing anywhere but no biggy. Every single thing was spectacular, i wish they could just triple up the price and make it all you can eat.

We also picked up some Hummus which was pretty good but was served with some mediocre Lavash, ruined it.

I picked up a small rum ball which was below average, the chocolate cake, i didnt get a chance to taste, its sitting in the refrigerator so maybe i will give it a shot later today.

Overall, Candies is a place geared towards teens and the young college going crowd, folks who are bound to be attracted by the value for money pricing, self service, casual ambiance and varied menu. The place is deceptively huge with seating spread over lots and lots of space, indoors and outdoors and was fairly busy.

The food is hit and miss, i am not a fan of pre-cooked food, so i don't think i would pick any of the dishes unless nothing else was available, most of the sandwiches and rolls seemed unattractive.

The all day breakfast looks attractive, however the salad bar was spectacular. A place like Candies could only exist in Bandra, it would be run down if it were any further and financially un viable if closer to South Bombay. A true Bandra belle this, worth checking out, some might like it and some might not.

Food : 7/10
Service : 5/10
Damage : 500

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