Thursday, June 26, 2008

A very Dominos Party !

So i came home to find that there was an impromptu party for 8 happening at home and we needed a quick fix meal for everyone. With a lot of cajoling we decided to call Dominos for pizza. Now Dominos is not my fav pizza place, nor is it my second fav (Papa Johns or no pizza i say) however the one good thing about them is that they deliver in 30 minutes.

This is what we ordered three orders of breadsticks, one GIANT cheese pizza three medium sized thin crusts
The breadsticks were ok, not great not too bad, i am reminded of a really nice tomato sauce that Dominos serve on the East Coast but here you get some silly white cheese sauce.

The thin crust is their saving grace, they always do it well, it tastes great and is a healthier alternative.

This was pretty bad, it didnt taste right and i had a slice later which was slightly on the cooler side and it tasted like the pavement. Horrible horrible stuff.

I say this often enough but seriously never again. if you are ordering Domino's stick to the thin crust.

Damage : 1000+

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