Thursday, August 02, 2012

The Lost Week

In the 1920's Ernest Hemingway, F.Scott Fitzgerald, T.S.Eliot amongst others were a group of artists & writers that came of age in the shadow of World War I, they were called the Lost Generation

In the 1940's Billy Wilder made a ground breaking film about an alcoholic writer called The Lost Weekend.

While i cannot profess anything remotely close to the level of talent contained above, nonetheless i too experienced a lost week in the culinary wilderness.

This was the reasonably delicious mushroom soup i had at Corniche in Bandra, however the rest of the meal was quite a let down, average salad, mediocre pasta, excellent company however.

This was followed by dinner at All Stir Fry, once a favorite which fell by the way side only to rise into prominence again.
We did the Wok which is pretty much filling up bowls with noodles & veggies which can be cooked in a variety of chosen sauces etc.

The sauces i went for were the Schezuan & Kung Pao, couldn't tell you which one was worse. Completely ruined the evening for us, in fact both my brother & cousin who i dined with got sick the next morning. (2100 for 3 no drinks)

This one was the hardest blow, Papa Pancho has been a fav of mine ever since i started visiting Bandra a few years ago. In fact my order probably hasn't changed in all the years i have dined there.

The Papdi Chaat was the only flicker in a miserable down ward spiral. Delicious.

The Paneer Makhani, my usual pick felt like it was made the night before, no flavour at all. Absolutely no redeeming quality whatsoever. The Dal was tasteless, only the yoghurt was fresh and tasty, not much of a consolation. (850 for 2)

Thus, the week ended, the mighty fell, favorites were laid to rest and new ones must be sought. Life goes on.


The knife said...

12 bisnicthis reads like a very sad weekend...I am sure there is a sliver lining coming up soon

Gaurav said...

dunnow man. was at The Big Nasty last night.. beyond bad.

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