Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Angsana Hotel - Phuket

I was in Thailand recently, a part of it was spent at the wedding of my one of my best mates kid brother. They chose Phuket as a location and there was lots of anxiety about how things would go but boy did they hit a home run.

an aerial view of the property (not my picture)

The property chosen was The Angsana in the Laguna area, which is about 20kms away from the town of Phuket. Phuket town in itself is really not all that interesting for someone like me (lazy, not a sex tourist or a bargain hunter) and i would highly recommend picking one of among half dozen properties in this location if you want a self contained and relaxing vacation.

The Lobby which is not pictured here is also quite stunning, exactly what i would expect from a high end Thai resort, spacious, open, ethnic Thai style even lovelier in the evening than in the day. Unfortunately when we entered we were led through a smaller entrance for wedding check ins and didnt notice it till much later.

The property has been renovated post the Tsunami and if i recall correctly was re-opened late last year, which is why everything is in tremendous newness. Built around a lagoon, most of the rooms either face a pool, beach or the laguna itself.

The room we got was the Laguna King Room, which came with twin beds a couch and an ample gallery outside. I also had a look at the one room loft which is very nice, has a view of the laguna and the beach and is appropriate for a family with kids or more people wanting to stay together. For a couple, you need not look further.

The bathroom was spacious with a large, ornate tub, the kit was nothing fancy, basic stuff but no complaints. Complimentary bottles of water were placed here instead of the room.

Our rooms had a splendid view of the beach and were extremely well located. A short flight of stairs led to the gym or to the breakfast buffet, a few steps led to the infinity pool and the beach.One can take a boat ride to any of the other Laguna properties or hit the market place as desired.

Speaking of the Infinity pool, here it is, although there are a bunch of other, larger pools on the property, this was the most fun to spend time at. There is a bar a few feet away. No complaints, although i don't recommend drinking and swimming. No Lifeguards on duty.

While i rarely put pics of myself up, this is the best way for me to illustrate the massive private beach which spreads across the Laguna properties and stretches for miles. It really is the only way to visit a beach, there were maybe 2o people across that entire stretch.

While hotel reviews are not my area of expertise, i will say that the property is stunning in every which way, we requested a couple of things from the front desk, the concierge and house keeping and barring a nail clipper all of them were promptly delivered.

The staff is prompt, attentive and willing to go the extra mile if needs be. Language can be a barrier but if you are a little patient you can easily get through to them. The location is quite stunning and if you tire of the surroundings or the options, a small but interesting market, restaurant strip is a few mins away.

From the food perspective, the breakfasts were large and sumptuous, which spoil you for choice. All other meals were catered for the wedding and would be unfair to comment. A room like ours without meals starts at 4500THB (140$US)

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