Thursday, December 08, 2011


As some of the readers here know, i have been hunting down ice cream sandwiches across the city. The first place i came across one was Havmore in Ahmedabad (linked here) and one of the readers Bhairav was kind enough to point out that i could find them at Breach Candy which is not too far from my house. In fact i stop by there often for some coconut milk and never occurred to me that they might do these.

So this is the Pastonji's ice cream sandwich, costs 20 INR same as the Havmor, however it is substantially smaller in size, bout 15% smaller. It also comes quite unfortunately packed in a plastic container, which looks kind of cool but is ridiculous because its quite a task to get it out without breaking it (well one could but it would require patience, time and a knowledge of physics - 3 things which dont lend very well to ice cream) i prefer the regular plastic wrapper, save money on the plastic and maybe give us a flavour or two? or a bigger sandwich?

Taste wise though, it was pretty good so in the end i reckon it was kinda sorta worth it. I dont know if its Parsi owned and run but Pastonjee is a Parsi name and im a great fan of Parsis (my rakhi sisters are Parsi) berry pulao, raspberry soda and a zillion other things.. Bombay would never be the same without their zeal to innovate ! 


Bhairav said...

Hey, glad you got them! Thanks for the shout-out as well. Sorry about the name mix-up though.
I live near the Ambani monstrosity, so this is quite close for me as well...we run down to the shop once a week at least.

Bhairav said...

PS - what about K Rustom's at Churchgate? Their cherry and coffee ice-cream sandwiches are quite good as well.

Gaurav said...

hi Bhairav, no worries about the name.. its all good. I live near Cumballa Hill Hospital, so it is a tad bit far, but i head to Right Place often for my kala khatta slush.

I like K.Rustom's but its really not an ice-cream sandwich. Back when i was in Jai Hind, i used to get em at Satkar.. and after than i went to study abroad.. and i could get chocolate flavored ones.

Bhairav said...

Hah! I'm ex Jai-Hind as well, we used to go there and slurp their uttappams and dosas, besides sitting at Yankee Doodle(remember them?) at Natraj!

Gaurav said...

Hi Bhairav, certainly remember Yankee Doodle or Yankee's as it was popularly called. Never had enough money to have any of the real fancy stuff then though :)

what year did start at Jai Hind.

drove up to Breach Candy for a sandwich today.. figured out a way of getting the sandwich out. You rip the box apart.

Bhairav said...

Was in JHC from '97 to '99.
11th and 12th.

Gaurav said...

cool. i was there 1995-1997.. didnt know Yankee D was around till 99.

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