Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rest : Blue Frog
Meal : Sunday Brunch
Loc : Todi/Mathuradas Mill Compound

Catching up with some mates this weekend over a Sunday brunch, this time we picked Blue Frog which is perhaps known more for its live acts than for the cuisine. If memory serves me right, Rahul Akerkar of Indigo was the force behind the kitchen but pulled out eventually.

Blue Frog is located in Todi Mills, which is a few minutes past Phoenix Mills but before Kamala Mills, one can also take the uglier, convoluted route we took to get there by driving up via the Mathuradas Mills (not recommended)

The space is large and well laid out, geared towards performances, it has a seriously long bar and booths laid out like futuristic pods, however the place is much less impressive in day light.

The bar is epic and goes on forever, the space comes in handy when hosting Sunday brunches i reckon. Reminds me of the bar from Three Flights Up from back in the day.

A carrot soup, interesting, looked like pumpkin, in fact i didn't read what it was initially and could put my finger on it until i saw the tag. Interesting but didn't go back for another shot. The Mojito behind the soup was pretty good, no watered down drinks here.

The bloody mary, perfect cocktail for a Sunday brunch, spot on again. Pretty much all the cocktails i had ( Mojito, Bloody Mary, Caiprioshka, Frozen Margarita) were brilliant.

Started off with a bit of a salad platter,  while they call em tapas but they are all pretty much salads mostly.

em potatoes with cheese were pretty solid, cant go wrong with something like this. 

cant recall what this was but it wasn't too bad.

the peppers and egg plant were pretty good. The paneer was okay, i am not sure its a good idea to serve it cold, the pasta was slightly uncooked.

the pancakes were solid goodness, no complaints what so ever.

the Eggs Benedict were cold and not so great, ketchup helped go through one but that was the end of that.

Fettucine with veggies, was pretty weak, didnt taste like anything really. Also served cold.

the beet risotto looked radioactive but not different from what a beet risotto should look. Did not enjoy this either.

Overall, the space is great but the food is middling. Most of the salads were good but none of the main worked on any level. Some dishes were cold and it is distressing that they would turn out weak dishes to possibly get ahead in prep. It was a fun afternoon, catching up with old mates and the weakness of the dishes didn't affect the afternoon as much as it would have on another day.

The drinks though were spectacular, which i guess works from a bar perspective and the service was pretty superlative as well, quick, friendly and folks took initiative which is good to see. The Indigo Deli's could learn a thing or two from these chaps.

Food : 6/10
Service : 8/10
Damage : 2250 w alcohol, 1850 without inclusive of taxes.

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