Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Breaking Bread in Bangalore Part 1

En route to Bangalore, on a surprisingly painless and punctual Kingfisher Airlines flight i tried to map out my expectations. Having heard horror stories about its traffic, paeans about its Dosas i wasn't sure if it was going to be a small town a metropolis.

Finally Bangalore turned out to be a little bit of everything, party city, part hamlet, a little Malgudi and a little Bombay. Thankfully my in laws stay in Bangalore, my sister in law Blublu had already marked out our dining options and we tried really hard to make her pleasing although in hindsight all too optimistic plan.

Our first stop was Central Tiffin Room or C.T.R as it is popularly known, initially it was also known as Shri Sagar and the board carries both names. The restaurant has been around since the 1950's and is a well known landmark in the Malleshwaram area.

The house specialty is the benne dosa, a compact masala dosa with white butter, a staggeringly good little dosa this. Buttery soft in the middle, crisp on the sides, just fantastic. It was so good i had to have another one immediately after.

Washed it down with a cup of some pretty good filter coffee. toasted, roasted, choclate like taste.

the set dosa was okay, served with white butter and tomato veggie gravy, this was not bad, but certainly not a stand out.

Overall, the place was clean and packed to the gills. The service quick and surprisingly friendly.

7th cross, 3rd main, Margosa Road, Malleswaram (opp. Malleswaram playground)

Bheemas is an Andhra thali joint, we chose it over Nagarjuna due to its proximity to a couple of other places. Located on the extremely busy Church St, Bheemas is a largish space with ample seating and a/c and non a/c sections.

They serve loads of dishes, meat, sea food as well as weirdly North Indian.

 there was no way i was NOT going to choose the thali, so between the four of us we chose three thalis.

unfortnately it was a steel plate with a half banana leaf in it,  it is surprisingly difficult to eat southie food with your hand son a round plate such as this one.

                  anyway, there was two dry veggies, one gravy which was dal like and delicious.

the sambar and the rasam was decent. 


surprisingly they did not serve any chapatis with the thali so i had to order one separately. No chaas served either (well they did but in a small cup) so i ordered some more, delicious chaas this.

Overall though, the thali left me wanting, it was not bad but it was not well constructed or varied.

I am definetely not comparing this to the excess of a Gujju thali but from Southie thali standards even in Bombay, it felt inadequate. Also, service was disinterested as well as lackadaisical. While the meal was not bad but there are bound to be better options. Nagarjuna is said to be a more traditional and bountiful approach.

Bheemas : 31, Asha Building, Church Street, Bangalore 560001.

More later

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Fast food centers have become very common in the city now..We can see hundreds of these kind of darshinis, and even cafes and fast food in every city..

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