Friday, November 25, 2011

Chinese Room, Panchvati Gaurav this past week

Its been a bit of a tough week, not much love in terms of eating out. We wanted to check out a Thali joint, my kid brother refused to drive up to Phoenix so we could dine at Rajdhani, i had no intention of heading to Samrat or Status for the nth time. Would have really loved to go to Kabladevi and check out Joshi club or whatever but unfortunately no one was keen on cabs.

So off we went to the only real alternative we could think of Panchvati Gaurav (none of us are fans of Golden Star because they are about excess)

I have seen the place change a great deal over the last decade and a half. The food is patchy, sometimes good sometimes not so impressive. This time around it was strictly okay, no great shakes. They had a great dhokla, the dals were good but that was about it. The joy of a thali place is if they serve a few diff kind of rotis or something interesting like using makhan (home churned butter) which really adds a whole new dimension to the taste.

What i also found greatly distressing was the cost, the thali is was 300, which is pretty deranged in my opinion. Value For Money it (and others of its ilk) aint.

The second meal was a complete catastrophe. Sunday evening, is possibly the worst time of the week to consider heading out for dinner. Especially when you are looking for a table to seat ten people, all the more worse if the ten have been dancing for about two hours (practicing for a wedding, i dont run a nightclub in my apartment)

Since there was a gaggle of meat eaters we skipped the ever reliable Shiv Sagar and since East shut down the only place i reckoned we could try was The Chinese Room which is bang on Kemps Corner. 

Having never been there i knew it was a gamble and sadly we ended up on the losing side. I am not a fan of Chinese food anymore as it tends to make me fairly sick but i do like to indulge ever so often.

However, Chinese Room is a restaurant that you would have found in Delhin in the early 90's or can still find in tier 2, cities as a restaurant that has seen better days. I knew we were in trouble the moment we stepped in. The table cloth was dirty, the A/C wasnt working, the paint was peeling and the wait staff was fairly jaded. Another curious thing i found was a Samurai in full armour mounted on a wall, wonder why they have a Japanese warrior in a Chinese restaurant.. Terracotta warriors not around?

We ordered standard fare and none of it was really impressive, so i will not recount our dishes in detail as i would like to forget. There was particular dish that looked like snot ( i shit you not) and no one, NOT ONE person touched it.

Woe is us. The cheque came to about 4000 for 10.

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