Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Our friends Pooja & Pramit got married this weekend in a Gujju-Mallu wedding in Ahmedabad. I was quite looking forward to a gastronomic feast which it was but not exactly as i expected.

Ahmedabad has seen a fair bit of progress over the last few years, wide roads which are more or less clean and traffic is not too bad for a former capital. Two major national educational institutes (IIM-A and NID) a convention centre and an airport which is at best 30 minutes from most places.

Right at the airport i found a Havemor, which is all over Gujarat and has begun mushrooming in other states as well. They serve the ice cream sandwich, something i have been looking for quite a while but have had no luck in Bombay (K.Rustoms on Marine Drive does not really count)

The sandwiches were delicious and i had two a day throughout my stay there. I hope they add a chocolate flavored one soon. Apparently there is a Havemor outlet in Phoenix Mills, though i haven't seen it yet.

Our first meal that day was a totally south Indian home cooked meal complete with pappads, rasam, brilliant, BRILLIANT dal, curd rice (damn, i want to cry now, really)

Pramit, the groom and our man in Ahmedabad recommended we have breakfast at Laxmi Gathiya Rath (map) which is right on Nehrunagar circle. On a Sunday morning the place was fairly buzzy, they serve regular gujju staples,

The Khaman was brilliant, sweet with spicy chutney, good good stuff, i like my khaman softer with a little more water, this was dryer but not bad at all.

the white dhokla was pretty good as well, the fafdi/papdi was very different from what i am used to here, its usually dry and crunchy while this was just out of the frying pan and continued to be soft throughout our meal.

The patra were nice, though i have this habit of having em with ketchup, so felt a little incomplete.

the khandvi again, soft and surprisingly on the spicy side with flecks of chillies in and around.
the chutneys.. Overall the food was brilliant, however its plainly unhealthy for you, nearly everything was friend and they werent cheap about the oil either. Dont think id be able to do this more than once a month.

Another surprise was this crate we saw while leaving, after our chai. A crate of Sosyo, the evening before we were discussing old tv commercials and dead drinks we liked as kids. Sosyo had a catchy commercial and was easily available in the 80's but disappeared all together at some point.
But Lo and Behold, we see a crate and walked over to check out how it was possible.

Shailesh Prabhu, founder of Yellow Monkey Games, greedily gulps it all down.
Turns out Sosyo (website) is actually still alive and is an original Gujarat brand being exported globally (but not nationally) The drink is masala soda esque but not quite as spicy, it just needs to be chugged to be understood. Now if only someone would bring those awesome Gold Spot bottles back! (For the record Pepsi has revived Dukes which is the only good thing i can say about Pepsi)

As i mentioned before, i went for a wedding most of our meals were with the wedding party, as much as i wanted to slip out and get a thali (which i love) i really couldn't get around to it. Part of the reason was meals like the one above which were simply stunning. A traditional meal this is probably one of the best, south indian meals i have ever had.

there were sweet and salty banana chips, veggies, avial, puri, papads, the most amazing AMAZING tamarind chutney i have ever had, a brilliant sambar, pyasamas galore.

dal, rice and ghee, how on earth could that be anything but great. 

washed down by loads of spiced buttermilk. 

So all in all, the trip was amazing, the city was easy like Sunday morning (though i could never move there) the food was good all around, we had plenty of meals Gujju, South Indian, Punjabi, home made pav bhaji even and not a single one was below superb. 

Perhaps ill get a shot at Ahmedabad and their Thalis some day, until then Bombay will have to suffice !


Soham Shah said...

Nice to see my own city reviewed by you !!

Well, yes Laxmi Gathiy is one of the famous joints of Ahmedabad ..

You musttry Vishala next time you visit Ahmedabad .. It's a must must go place if you really wanna eat thali !! ..

Other than that, for punjabi food, Mirch Masala, Bawarchi, Sheeba, Grand Bhagwati etc are considered a good choice ..

Gaurav said...

Hi Soham,

Nice to hear from you man. Your hometown really knows how to serve up a good meal.

The wedding was at Grand Bhagwati and the food was pretty great there as well.

Vishala, Agashi, Sasuji's were all on the cards but just couldn't get away. Surely next time.

I also had onion kachoris delivered from a guy right next to Laxmi Gathiya Rath, these were the best thing i had during my stay there. awesome.

Bhairav said...

Gaurav, you can get those ice-cream sandwiches at Breach Candy/Warden Road. At the narielwala right next to Sun. 20 bucks a pop, and well worth it!
PS - love your blog!

Soham Shah said...

Ahhhh. I hv never tested onion kachoris that you are talking abt. I will try them out when I'm in A'bad !!

Vishala is my favourite. Agashi is also a goodplace to gulp but gthr e green room of Agashi is better that its main Thali ..

Hv not been to Sasuji I guess ..

Net time when you visit A'bad, let me know .. We may meet and can have zaika togather :)

Gaurav said...

@ Bhairav, ill keep that in mind when i drive by Breach Candy next, thanks mate ! any idea what brand they might be?

@ Soham, those onion kachoris were insane, i was at home when the came in and was told its the guy right next to Laxmi GR. Do check it out next time.

Not sure when i will be in A'bad next but you have a deal, well go nosh together for sure.

Bhairav said...

Gaurav, they're Dinshaws or Hav-mor, not sure which. Yummy either way!

Gaurav said...

Hi Bhairav,

its actually Pastoji's !
check this post out

Soham Shah said...

Hey Gaurav ..

Was reading this article and remembered you .. It may help ur taste buds when you next visit Ahmedabad :

Gaurav said...

damn that looks a little over the top. i wonder if there is merit in doing really really good dishes but cutting out a few things to scale down

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