Thursday, September 10, 2009

Can Taco bell come to India already!!!

Being a student in a college in upstate NY  i frequently found myself in the search of food post midnight. Midnight-2am were usually peak hours for hard working college students as myself. 

Denny’s was a fav but they went nuts for a little while and wouldnt serve pancakes at 2 am which was frustrating.

i  found myself spending a great deal of time post midnight waiting in the drive through of Taco Bell and it was here that i fell in love with the fast food franchise (Sorry Subway, its true, i love TB more than you)

I wouldn't be caught dead in a McDonalds or a Burger King and lets face it, Subway is just too healthy. At midnight one seeks the comfort of cheese and the pleasure of  devil sauce served up in a high cal mix that is Taco Bell.

The Burritos,Tacos,  Mexican Pizza, i miss them all  and i think they would do terrific in India.

I wish Yum! brands would get their act together and open a Taco Bell in India as they have been threatening to do.

Viva Chalupa !

Adios ! 


The knife said...

True...nothing but cheese or chocolates for the graveyard shift. Multigrain bran is likely to bring out the devil at that hour

Sej (aka the Grinchluver) said...

I've been waiting to be surprised with a TB in Mumbai/Delhi for a couple of recent trips. Hopefully not too much longer. Am annoyed though as on the east coast here they've outed tostadas and a couple of other items for quite sometime now.

Gaurav said...

i think the TB is most likely to come to Bangalore from what i have heard...

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