Thursday, September 24, 2009

Road trip to a Vineyard !

Nashik, originally an industrial town, has grown into the wine capital of India with majority of the labels established in and around the area.

The city is actually not as far as people seem to think, we headed out at about 6am and were at the winery by 9.30 am including a rest stop. An under construction 4 lane highway connects Mumbai to Nashik and is a joy to drive on.

The 6am start however, seemed like a mistake, especially since our planned stop at Cafe Madras in Matunga did not materialize. None of the cafes were open and we moved on.

Unlike driving across the United States of Continental Europe, food options are fairly narrow when driving across India. They are narrower still between 7am-9am. So despite perking up at Kailas Parbat & Bhagatchand Tarachand we were gutted to find out that they wouldn't start serving till 11 am.

Finally it was Cafe Coffee Day that came to the rescue, 80kms from our destination, hungry and cranky we waltzed in to the amusement of the sole person manning the table.

A glorious cafe mocha and a very average sandwich ( we were not complaining) later we walked out with our blood sugar back to normal.  Thus ends part 1.

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