Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Return to Flamboyante

Flamboyante Cuffe Parade Dinner, With Ze Wife, Mrs Star, Mr India

Back at Flamboyante again second time in as many months. The place was full, it was Wednesday and they had a live band. The place has def grown on me.
The bloody mary was good, the glacier continues to be a hit mocktail.

We got steamed spring rolls, kung pao paneer and chilli potato. Not bad, all the dishes were allright, the spring rolls (vietnamese) were very cool, refreshing for the palate.

The main course was green curry (great) egg fried rice (below average) pan fried noodles (good) kung pao paneer (excellent)

Overall the service was slighly scatter brained but the food continues to be pretty good. I wish the starters were slightly better. I also hope one of these days i get to try some of the other stuff on the menu rather than the Asian fare. the menu is expansive.

Do try and insist for the tables Opposite to the wooden flooring as they are the best vantage points.


food 7/10 service 7/10
Damge with 2 drinks 2800.

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