Tuesday, January 22, 2008

East - Pan Asian

Restaurant : East
Meal : Dinner
Company : Ze Boys.

You know its not a good thing when you enter a restaurant and you are the only ones there. Also, when the big burly guy sitting in the corner with Executive Chef written on his shirt continues to play on his laptop (prolly surfiing food porn) you know that the restaurant is in its death throes.

The menu is of course Pan Asian, the starters continue to be the weak things about the menu, we got the Roti Canai (terrible) the skewered veggies in Teriyaki (mediocre) and the dumplings (average)

On to the mains it was Paneer with veggies, Thai Green Curry, along with Pad Thai noodles (terrible) East Hakka noodles which were great and steamed rice. The mains are not bad, there are also some interesting dishes on the menu, which might be worth a try. The Green Curry was again, the star of the show, slightly spicy but very very tasty. A choice worth going for. The Paneeri veggies were decent and the Hakka noodles were pretty good.

The place had potential but i think they will not last more than 6 months in the present avatar. Time to stock up on the curry i reckon.

The service is all right, though they only had like 3 people on the wait staff then.

Food 7/10 Service 7/10

Damage for 6 without drinks 2200

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