Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Rest : Souk
Meal : Dinner
Date : 14/6/2006
Location :Taj
Company : Gautam

Experience - Very nice ambience, Souk is at the rooftop of the Taj Tower and has a great views
the decor is kind of modern minimalist and the service is allright.

Drink : Diet Coke

Food : The cuisine is spread across different parts of the Mediterranean. We ordered the Shorba Adas, which was this egyptian soup with onion straws. Allright, not great, in fact i have had a better version at the Cafe Basilico. the humus khabez which is hummus with chopped pickeled veggies. It was allright, not great, passable.
The Felafil, was also not bad, but quite passable. The two mixed together raised the quality of the meal to a touch above ordinary. We decided to split the entree so we ordered this Greek Spagetti, which was lots of tomato, parmesan cheese, in a light, red and white sauce. This was the coup, very light, but full of taste. Highly recommend it to anyone.
Overall the experience was dissapointing, i would have expected Souk to be in league with Wasabi and Golden Dragon but its barely about 60% of the experience. Also they were scrimping on the Pita. I mean jeez, with the pasta i got two pieces of pita ? seriously, i have great respect for the Taj, but this is too much (or too little)
Much emphasis was placed on the decor and lesser still on the food. Also allowing people to waft in wearing shorts is unacceptable. I think white people can still get away with anything in this country (and i say that as a person who has a huge cirlce of friends who live abroad and visit)

Rating : Food 6/10, Service 8/10

Damage : 2100 ($50)

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