Monday, June 26, 2006

Crepe Station

Rest : Crepe Station
Meal : Breakfast
Date : 25/6/2006
Location :Bandra,
Company : Pie, Anie

Experience - Especially hungry in the morning and was looking for a nice lill breakfast and couldnt think of any other place i would be except for the Indigo Deli which seemed too far a drive.
Drink : Coffee Black, Capuccino, Watermelon Juice (complementary)

Food : i stuck to my usual English Breakfast, sans the eggs, was very good. i enjoyed it very much, just like last time. The machine pressed coffee was excellent as well. perfect for a dreary Sunday morning. My companions got the pan cakes, which i was dying for, im glad i didnt try them on because they were friggin horrible. Rubbery, hard, un pancake like, being used to eating pancakes in N.America, i am a bit finicky about em. Still being hungry i also went for the Caprese Crepe which was tomato, mozzarella and some mushroom. Superlative, again, very well made and very tasty. The watermelon juice, i hate and since they didnt have any ice it made things doubly worse.

Rating : Food 8.5/10, Service 8.5/10

Damage : 713 ($18 )


Anonymous said...

FYI you are in Timeout Mumbai

Gaurav said...

thanks for the link. i cant seem to get it to open for me. but thanks anyway

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