Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Ping Pong

Rest : Ping Pong
Meal : Dinner
Loc : Bandra Kurla Complex 

I have been to Ping Pong's Marlborough Street location quite a few times, my first visit is mentioned here so i was quite excited when they were opening their doors here in Bombay. I heard mixed reviews originally and was unsure of how the concept was executed here. I was happy to accept their invitation and was happy to find that its a loverly, largish space which takes its design cues from its London counterpart. 

Ping Pong is strictly a dimsum restaurant with no main courses etc in the traditional Indo-Chinese sense. They offer you a ticket which you fill out, those having been to the East will find this as standard operating procedure

They have a section of nibbles and sauces, from where chose pickled carrots and radish. 

Steamed Edamame, very happy to see this here, i used to get a massive bowl in Wagamama and its nice to be able to get it here now. 

the crunchy golden was not on the menu but was a special of the day and it was all right. not bad but not great. 


they have a selection of dipping sauces, which i personally didn't enjoy very much. 

the lemonade comes with a shot of fruit puree, this was strawberry and it was pretty good, one can also get peach. 

the crispy asparagus was perfectly lovely, well done and crunchy, must get. 

 vegetable wonton with coriander and garlic sauce, was alright, light on garlic but tasty nonetheless.

The Spicy Vegetable Dumpling was pretty good, enjoyed it with some vinegar, good stuff.

The Noodle Bowl, was a lightly flavored, sweetish preparation with noodles, broccoli and beans. I liked this immensely, loved the flavours. 

The molten chocolate, was boring but actually pretty good. 

Overall, Ping Pong is an interesting concept for this city and will require diners to be willing to accept a changed approach to the way their food is served. The concept of courses goes out the door, the food comes in as it gets ready, which sounds stranger than it is.

Its primarily a Dim Sum restaurant and there is plenty of variety.  The rice bowl is the same as the noodle bowl flavour wise and they should add another noodle bowl or two, for variety's sake. Portions are individual sized and that allows one to order more variety and reorder fav's.

Price wise its relatively cheaper than say a Yauatcha but then the two appeal to two different segments. A meal for two without drinks would run 2500. Service is super quick, you would be hard pressed to spend more than an hour there. 

The word is they might be setting up in Colaba, which would be pretty good considering BKC is a trek at the best of times. 

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Sweet Ponderings said...

The dimsums look good - I was @ Global Fusion during the weekend and loved the dimsums there. Pune doesn't have many places which serve authentic dimsums - so whenever I am in mumbai, try and hog on to as much as I can :P

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