Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Mekong is the new Pan Asian restaurant atop the Palladium Hotel, in Lower Parel   The place is spectacular, very Asian in design, part zen, part junky, the impossibly good views of Bombay certainly make it feel like Hong Kong. While its stunning in dim light for dinner, it will be equally interesting during the day for sure. Since it was my birthday weekend and the sister in law surprised with a visit, i thought id take her some place with a view. I was saving mekong for a family wedding dinner later but we decided to go ahead and give it a go. 

The menu is  Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. It would be good to get some Malaysian in there, no one really does Malay cuisine.  They interestingly also have a selection of cold appetizers, usually find cold apps in Mezze & Japanese cooking. 

The coconut milk with mushrooms didn't come together flavour wise, no finish, disappointing 

they insisted on replacing the soup and got me this pumpkin soup which i couldnt find on the menu, this one was terrific. i am not a pumpkin fan but i enjoyed this immensely, creamy, reminded me of a terrific pumpkin bisque i had ages ago at a new york wedding. 

this was the mixed fungus dim sum we got, just terrific, was blown away by it one of the best ive had ever. Also went terrifically well with their vinegar which i have officially fallen in love with.  

The Enoke mushrooms was the cold appetizer, while i enjoyed this personally, it was not a hit for the table. However i think its an interesting idea and works well.

 The Crispy wok fried noodles were perfectly good, came with a huge helping of veggies as well.

The tossed veggies in chilli bean paste, these were good, i am a Kung Pao fan though, was too engrossed in the conversation to pay attention to the menu. i like these though, no problem. 

The dessert was a mango sorbet the kind that can make your knees go a little weak. the mango pudding was okay i preferred attacking the sorbet 

Overall, i love the ambiance of the place, the restaurant is connected to Li Bai the bar, which i did not get a chance to check out however it too has a great view im assuming. They have another two restaurants, a bar and a nightclub coming all on that top floor. The place could be heaving with people in a few months.

The food is good, i wish they tried a few more interesting things like cold appetizers, maybe give Malay cuisine a look simply coz no one else does it. Id like to go back for a working lunch with dim sum and soup and the view one of these days.

Prices are what you would expect from a five star but certainly cheaper than say an ITC.

Food : 8/10
Service : 7/10
Damage : 4000 for two without drinks.

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