Saturday, October 26, 2013


Rest : Le Pain Du Quotidien 
Meal : Late Snack
Loc : Colaba,

A hankering to nibble on cheese struck post dinner and we decided to first head to The Table for a quick cocktail followed by a bite at LPQ. Ordinarily i am not a fan of the place as they have been quite inconsistent, however, i couldn't think of another place to get a cheese platter (Vetro does one but only Italian cheeses) 

okayish bread on the table, i always wonder why their bread is not the most stunning in the city if they bake their own. Also, serving Amul Butter (which i like) is a cop out. Make a little effort, create some of your own butter, god knows its not hard. 

the minestrone bowl was a monster, the soup was allright, not bad at all, hearty tomato base, a little more starchiness would have helped.  

the cheese platter, the reason why we were there. Parmesan, Bleu, Edam, Emmental with a little compote and Ricotta in the bowl. Some olives and a few pieces of toasty bread. The bleu was great, the ricotta was fresh too but out of place for an evening platter. 

The olives didnt taste like the last time. The parmesan certainly did not come off a wheel, the edam was okay and the emmental was old.

Overall, the food was okayish, the service good. The place is expensive, vis a vis what they offer. My suggestion is to have fresh cheese as much as possible and not have a set cheese board, which is a) boring and b) bound to be not so fresh as cheese is kept in stock. 

Food : 7/10
Service : 8/10
Damage 1150 without drinks. 


Priyanca Vaishnav said...

ok so hands down - what's he best place for cheese in Bombay, Gaurav?

Gaurav said...

hmm... i buy all my cheese from Indigo Deli. One can get a cheese platter from them but they don't do any accompaniments. The LPQ platter is strictly okay when in need.

If you are cool to drop 1500 i would say Vetro would be pretty good cept it would be only Italian.

I am hoping to go to the Salt Water Cafe this week, they do a cheese plate.. will report back.

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