Friday, March 01, 2013


Rest : Aoi
Meal : Dinner
Loc: Somewhere in Bandra

The Justice League of Bombay food blogging descended on Aoi, a relatively new entrant to the resurging Sushi/Japanese scene. This is the second wave (Kofuku is another joint that has opened doors in Bandra as well) the first was of course silenced when Tetsuma closed doors. 

Aoi, serves familiar dishes but they do twist things around, especially with Sushi. 

I have had a lot of Miso soup in my time as my college room mate was a new yorker who had lived in Japan and would eat like the last samurai. Never learned to love miso unfortunately.. 

This one was pretty good, the tofu and the sauce were fairly light and had a refreshing taste, probably one of the best things i had all evening.

Button mushrooms and leeks in what i think was a ginger sauce, were not bad at all. they had a Japanese bent as is rightly expected but i have never been a fan of that particular after taste. All in all good lil thing. 

It is not everyday that one gets sushi with tomato and cheese, as weird as it sounds, they did make it work, id highly recommend it. 

The noodle bowl, i dont recall being very enjoyable, strictly okay. 

The curry and rice was interesting, for those who don't know, the Japanese do a fair bit of curries and some of them are okay. this one too was not too bad, lacks the intense flavours of a Thai curry but decent fare.

can't recall his !

the dessert looked like fried chicken but was kinda like a biscuit dipped in maple syrup, interesting but not something i would order again.

Overall, the place is small, seat about 35 people in a tight configuration. The menu is a gentle introduction to Japanese cuisine with plenty of adapted or experimental sushi thrown in for good measure. Anyway, it was a terrific evening with some amazing people so the food kind of took a back seat.

The prices are mostly okay, as our party was about 25 people we had a set meal with tasters of just about everything on the menu for 1000 per head.. Going by the menu prices, one can do it for less than that.

Food : 7/10
Service : 7/10
Damage : 1000 pp.

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Rajvi Bhow @ Straight talk said...

You should try the bento box there..its really good especially the tofu steak.

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